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I started this blog as a way to fight back against all the hate that is towards Robsten or as some of you say KPattz. Because lets face it these Nonstens, Krisbeans, and Robsessed are out of control especially with their negativity towards our favorites couple. So please if you are not a fan of Robsten/KPattz dont bother reading my blog because in this blog we respect and adore both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Are people still denying their relationship?

I ask my self that question everyday for the past several months. How can people still deny thatRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are in a relationship? I here this over and over everyday"because its a PR stunt" "She is still with her ex Micheal" "Robert Pattinson is gay" or that "Kristen Stewart is gay" wow just wow that kinda blows me away right there. I for one know that if this was a PR stunt as the nonstens claim it to be then why arent KStew and RPattz showing thier relationship in front of the camera? Why arent they talking about their relationship to reporters if this is a PR stunt

Does this look like a PR stunt? I can see they are totally unaware of the paps. (Oh I see you looking Nick...fyi he told them he spotted the paps and what do Rob and Kristen do they drop their hands...ughhhhha hate you Nick!!! J/K) Or how about thisYes this is clearly PR *rolls my eyes* going to a concert, sitting all close to each other in the DARK. The nerve of these two going to a concert where its dark and where you will most likely be caught by the paparazzi. Now on to this crazy rumor of Robert Pattinson being gay with his bestfriend TomStu.
Rob's brother from another mother TomStu. Clearly this is a BROmance not a ROmance as clearly alot of idiots make it out to be. Think about it Robert has nothing but sisters give him a break damn!! Its like he cant hang out with his fucking bestfriend because dumbass people will think he is fruity in the looms. Haters need to back off him and TomStu because quite frankly it seems yall know nothing about nothing. And then the infamous Details Photoshoot

Looking good Robert!!!

In this magazine Robert says he is allergic to Vagina.( ughhh yes Robsten Shippers imma bring this up one time and leave it at that) Clearly it was a joke people even I got the joke and sometimes if I say so myself im a little on the slow side when it comes to jokes,but yet people took the quote and ran with it. Must you dumb dumbs take everything he says seriously? well yeah yall do. Robert is not gay for the last time!!! He is fucking the most wanted woman in the world right now and half of these assholes hate it. Three words for all of you hating assholes!!! GET OVER IT!!!!!!! the keywords is GET OVER IT!!!! These Krisbeans hate Robert because he is with Kristen Stewart. They all say Robert is not good enough for her,well Kristens seems to think he is. Now the whole thing with Kristen being gay I dont know where the hell this came from. Probably some lame half assed person who is jealous of her beauty. Just look at her doesnt her face just scream EAT ME HATERS!!!

Or better yet it says fuck off haters!!!!

I mean come on Kristen Stewart gay?! Ha!! I really laugh at this one. Why? is it the way she dresses? or talks? what is it was she spotted making out with a girl in a club or something? give me something to feed your facts because right now your facts are shit!! Like shit going down in a toilet. (sorry for the imagery) You know I learned this n life that pretty much you can not do anything in this world without getting criticized by people who dont know any better and probably doesnt have a life outside of facebook or myspace. With the threats people post up about Rob and Kristen you Nonstens shouls be ashamed of yourselves. What we call you guys is Internet bullies that probably couldnt bust a grape in a fruit fight. I liked the idea that someone came up with that I had read before. If you have enough BALLS to send threats to KStew or RPattz please post a picture of yourself so we can compare whos hot and whos not (which you would probably be not hot). People are so crazy these days they cant seperate fantasy from real life shit. Well guess what I will be the first to pop the Nonsten, Krisbean, Robsessed fantasy bubble...Are you ready? ok imma go get the sharp pointed needle. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are together and happy!!! They love and support each other in their personal and career lives!! They DONT give a damn if you approve of them seeing each other nor will they ever!!! If you are a real fan of Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart support who they are with dont antogonize them because face it your chances with either one arent even slim. So Krisbeans, Robsessed, and Nonstens you guys are not real fans of neither because they way yall act shows them that you arent. So for now on I will take a stand for Robert and Kristen because I for one am tired of the bullshit drama yall bring to the fandom.

And yes even George W.Bush says FUCK YOU to the haters!!!!!!

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